Rules & Scoring


  1. Players should be guided only by the rules on which the agreement will be arranged at TROBSO before the match. Any other rule added during the match is not allowed.
  2. Players are solely responsible for any internet connection issues.
  3. We recommend you to upload any picture and video during the match time to help us simplify potential dispute settlement.
  4. If internet connection is good and there is no lag and both players are able to play, none of them has right to withdraw from the match. We know that there can be problems with lag and because of that we give you freedom to reconcile - if both parties are willing to recreate room, they have full right to do it.
  5. Once score is reported, winning will be transferred to player’s account automatically. If given account number is invalid, or match is disputed, we take 2 hours to solve given issue.

Disputed Match

  1. If player claims that his/her opponent cheated, he/she has to submit evidence; otherwise, complaint will not be considered.
  2. If players reconciled on special settings in advance, match has to be played according to these guidelines.
  3. If you accidentally leave the room during the match time, you have to show photo or video proof to confirm that it was not intentional; otherwise, you will be declared as a loser. Any player that abandons matches on consistent basis, will have their account inspected and most probably banned from the website.
  4. In case of dispute, we will need photo or video proof to avoid controversy.
  5. If you report result of the match before it’s ended, the match will be considered as disputed.
  6. If player reports false result of the match, will have their account inspected and potentially banned from the website.
  7. If you submit false evidence to TROBSO, you will be declared as a loser and potentially banned from the website.